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About Us

Short Story

About laptop repair

Since our founding in 2005, we have gained a reputation for our client-focused, personalized approach. We’re used to a polite conversation and a great price/quality ratio. Our services and focused strategy are well-liked in the area. With over 2500 regular customers, we have a strong foundation on which to improve daily in order to give you specialized computer service. People enjoy visiting our store to chat about their daily routines and to leave with a quality device. In the same facility as QSS Security, we have three repair rooms and a showroom to help you with your computer issues as promptly as possible. 

Everyone says it, and we’ll repeat it: the customer is always right. We now provide the option to arrange for the collection and return of equipment in addition to the option to bring your computer to us. Ask about the options.

Don’t let someone you don’t know and trust access to your device! We’re here to give you dependable top-notch tech support. We recognize that purchasing your smartphone can have been an expensive venture. Only professionals will be “doing operations” on it at Laptop Repair Shop.

We also recognize how significant your data is to you. We’ve spent a lot of time refining our data restoration procedure because of this. Your data will always be treated with respect when you work with us because we care about it.

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Not Convinced Yet?

Why Choose Us

Here are some of the things we are the proudest of
and why you should choose us!

- 01
Low prices

Regarding our pricing, we are always upfront and truthful. We are upfront about our costs and won’t begin until you give us the go-ahead.

- 02
years of experience

Laptop Repair Shop’s technical support team is eager to assist anyone in the Twente area with their computer-related issues. To us, a piece of “Noaberschap” is not odd.

- 04
quick service

We try to help you as fast as we can. So if you bring your device, we will be straight at it!

- 03
6 months guarantee

We offer six months guarantee to anyone why brings his device and gets it fixed.